Running Duiadns Windows Console Client

Many of you want to run a dynamic dns client on a windows machine. Duiadns gives you three options to do that: a client that runs as a windows service, a graphical client and a console client as further described below in this blog post.

First, you need to download it and unpack the archive:
Go to download page and select or client, depending on your windows version.

The archive contains the duiadns.exe and a readme.txt file. Open command prompt, change directory to duiadns path and run duiadns.exe (hint: you can drag and drop duiadns.exe icon in command prompt).Enter your hostname and password and select if you want to use duiadns client for both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses or just for IPv4/IPv6 only.

Three more files were created in the current directory:

  • duia.cache - will save the current ipv4 / ipv6 addresses
  • duia.cfg - will save the hostname & md5(password)
  • duia.log - will save log information
At this point, your duiadns client has run once and stoped. You need a scheduler, to run your duiadns.exe every one minute or more. See this picture from microsoft website that might help you with this:

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