Running Duiadns on Ubiquiti EdgeRouter

You can use Duiadns on Uniquiti router directly from the web interface.
Go to Services -> DNS -> Dynamic DNS then follow the instruction below:

  • Interface: Select your wan interface (mine is eth0)
  • Web: Select "dyndns". You can also select "URL" and "". The ideea is to use a website that returns your ip address.
  • Web-skip: Leave empty
  • Service: Select "dyndns".
  • Hostname: your own hostname (mine is
  • Login: your own token (mine is rqx958t) / Login to then go to: SETTINGS -> Account info -> Token
  • Password: your own password
  • Protocol: - (select none, since you chose service dyndns)
  • Server: (to reach our duiadns servers)

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Antonino Sidoti2017-09-26 12:45:01

I just sent a message to find out about this very issue. Sorry I should have read your FAQ first.


Liviu Pislaru2017-09-26 13:48:41

@Antonino Sidoti: Is it clear now? Did you manage to use duiadns on your ubiquity router?

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